Drum Lessons

“Whether your drumming journey takes you to a professional level, or just jammin’ with your favourite tunes for the fun of it, Senior Drum Instructor Glen Coard can take you there!”

Lessons are Open to Everyone who has an interest in rhythm. No experience required. All Ages from 13+ to Seniors (c’mon Seniors! You know you want to!) Past students include those with no musical experience whatsoever, to melodic instrumentalists, choir members, or just for the love of music and a desire to play-along. Lessons are customised to meet the goals of each student, and are about FUN first.

INCLUSIVE: Our drum lessons & studio are fully inclusive & secured:
• Insurance
• First Aid Certified
• Criminal Records Check / RCMP PIC

Lessons vary according to each student and focus on attaining their specific musical goals, whether professional or just for the fun of playing along with their favourite tunes. Regardless of the students’ goals, the foundation of the lessons are grounded in solid rhythm theory and best practises:
1. Rudiments (and how to make them sound cool)
2. Playing Time (and how to groove)
3. Fills (let’s get creative!)
4. Independence & Coordination
5. Drum Notation
6. Time Signatures
7. …and Fun! Bring along your favourite tunes and we’ll work through the drumming together!

Lessons will conducted on Yamaha DTX-502 electronic drums and practise pads. Full gear available.

GEARYou do NOT need a drumset to learn to play drums. Virtually every drummer, pro or beginner, uses a practice pad for quiet practise and developing hand techniques. Students are welcome to borrow the sticks & pad for Free during the lesson, or optionally purchase:

DrumSticks: $15 per pair, including tax
Practice Pad: $25 each, including tax. With a natural rubber surface and a solid base, these pads offer a real drum feel at a low volume

PURCHASE: To optionally Purchase Gear at your lesson: Cash or e-transfer only, please. (no credit/debit available).


WHERE: Private drum lessons are held at our studio in downtown Sooke, BC

KIDS 13+ Learning drums teaches much more than drumming. Students learn “How to Practice” — how to gain proficiency in any field (including schoolwork!), breaking down exercises to core components, the value of SLOW repetition, and building layers of proficiency. “I’ve transferred these skills developed in drumming to other areas of learning, including math lessons, pilot training, and sports”, commented one drum student

ADULTS – What’s more fun than drumming along with recordings of your favourite band?! And just having an understanding of how & what drummers are playing while you listen to your favourite playlists is great fun.

SENIORS: Learning to drum increases memory with a natural technique of learning rudiments, then grouping these rudiments together into phrases, then grouping the phrases together for sections, then… playing your favourite song! And, there is a physical dexterity that is developed with the relaxed practise of drumming with a focus on fingers, wrists and forearms.

MUSICIANS: If you are learning another instrument, our drum lessons will focus on rhythm and will improve your overal playing and musicality. Many professional musicians & vocalists who are non-drummers play through drum exercises for rhythm proficiency.

LESSON PRICING: $60 for one 1-hour lesson or Group of 5 lessons for $250 ($50 per lesson).

Let’s chat. I am more than happy to answer any questions; Contact me anytime.