Glen Coard drummer

A highly experienced drummer, Glen Coard has been performing around the planet for a couple of decades.


Glen has covered every style of music, from Rock to Reggae, Funk to Fusion, and Orchestral to Jazz, while sharing the stage with A-List players. Reading & writing drum charts expedites rehearsals, while Glen’s intuitive playing adds the “colour”.


Drummer for Touring

  • 20 years as professional drummer & percussionist, touring worldwide
  • Touring Drummer – Glen knows the ropes of the road
  • Relief Drummer ~ Need a quick stand-in drummer? Easy. Solid. Reliable.
  • Recording Studio Sessions
  • Drumset, Percussion, Cajon,
  • Electronic Drums, MIDI, Hybrid Triggered Kits
  • BG vocal parts
  • 100% professional & reliable
  • Played top gigs including: MGM Grand Reno, Merv Griffin Show, Princess Cruises, Six European Tours, Canada & USA from Hawaii to Detroit to L.A.
  • Styles cover everything from Rock to Reggae, Funk, Jazz, Swing, Latin, Salsa, Fusion, from Polka’s to Punk (!)

Got a minute? ~ 1 Minute Drum Demo’s by Glen Coard


ACOUSTIC KIT: I have a new Yamaha Stage Custom 5 pc drumset. Gorgeous, with cool stage presence.

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CAJON: Glen is an expert on this versatile, acoustic percussion instrument. It’s sometimes called, Drums in a Box because it can emulate everything from a full drumset (with “snare & bass drum” groove) to a percussion ensemble (“congas” and more).

ELECTRONIC DRUMS – Yamaha DTX502 Electronic drums

With industry leading drum samples, my ekit has 50 full drumsets, ready to Plug & Play for any studio session

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The DTX502 DRUM TRIGGER MODULE features a massive internal library of 691 percussion voices and 50 preset drum kits that cover traditional styles including Rock, Jazz and Pop as well as modern Dubstep, Electronica, Hip-hop, Metal and Punk genres.


i) With my DTX502 drum module and drum triggers, my Acoustic Yamaha kit can be easily converted to a Hybrid Acoustic/Electronic kit.  Want some “handclap” layered to the acoustic snare? Fatten-up the floor tom?

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ii) For a killer kit, merge my full acoustic set with my electronic set & drum pads. Want to add a tympani for that BIG ending? Some tasty percussion textures?