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Meet Glen Coard Vancouver Drummer
Meet Glen Coard, VancouverDrummer.com

Hi, I’m Glen, and thanks for visiting my site, VancouverDrummer.com

I’ve been a pro-drummer for a couple of decades, travelling around the planet. I’m always eager to explore new musical opportunities.

I’ve played all types of gigs from  “a showband in the MGM Grand, to 6 European tours in a swing band”.  (But, hey, I’m a drummer, so love to play funk and R&B).

There’s a few ways we could work together, and I think the most interesting would be for me to join as a pickup drummer for the Canadian leg of your tour. 

Whether your band is from the United States, or Europe, or Asia, hiring a local drummer can eliminate border-crossing hassles, and can really help with expenses. 

Check out my Blogs on this site for more information about bands touring Canada. 

Thanks for visiting me, Glen Coard, at VancouverDrummer.com 

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Glen Coard
Vancouver, BC Canada

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